Animal feed

The quality of raw materials is the most important prerequesite for quality animal feed. That is why we supply raw materials from trusted suppliers and each entry is authorized under official control laboratories (Agricultural Institute in Banja Luka, the Veterinary Institute – Slaven). All our products are backed by the HACCP system. At the basis of this system is the implemented preventive control of all our products for their health and safety, which meets the everyday customer needs for quality and safe products.

In terms of raw materials we use corn, soybean meal, sunflower meal, rapeseed cake, barley, oats, wheat, substitutes for milk, herbal replacements for fish meal, yeast, DKF etc.

Recipes are prepared in accordance with specified standards for the particular type and category of animal.

The natural nutrition for animals

We produce animal feed for all types of poultry and for all three phases of the production cycle. We are especially proud of the quality achieved with the usage of complementary feed SUPER PILEĆI, which serves as a source of protein that is mixed with own feedstuffs in a certain relation.

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We produce food for pigs of all ages and production characteristics. We offer:

• Complete feed for piglets – predstarter 20% protein S-P1
• Complete feed for piglets
starter 20% of protein S-P1
starter 20% proteina S-P1


• Complete feed for young calves up to 100 kg 18% protein GT-1
• Complete feed for older calf’s 100-200 kg 15% protein GT-2
• Complete feed for younger heifer’s 200-250 kg 14% protein-1 GTJ

PROFESSIONAL line is intended for farmers that are committed to milk production with the goal of quality nutrition for dairy cows. We offer:
• Complete feed for dairy cows 20% protein PROFESSIONAL

Meal is produced by milling whole grains and serves as an energy feed.
We offer:


• Corn meal
• Barley meal